(1st turn in) ICW: Place of Significance

A place that holds a significant place in my heart is the house that I lived in outside of Cortez, CO on County Road 29. What is most significant to me in that house is my bedroom. The bedroom is on the other side of the garage and facing the road. Directly across from the door is two large windows that face the road that also let in most of the light that lights the room during the day. The walls are painted blue and the wall with the windows is a brown accent wall. There are signs on the walls that have inspirational sayings that are painted blue and brown as well. Directly under the windows lies a queen sized bed in a blocky wooden bed frame. To the right of the bed is two large dog kennels. Just a few feet in front of them are two dog bowls with dog food and a dog bowl connected to a water jug that is continuously filled with water.

On the left side of the room is two closets with sliding wood doors. The left closet is filled top to floor with clothes and the floor is cluttered with shoes. The right closet has a white desk with a makeup mirror and makeup bag to the right and a older generation mac desktop computer on the left. Directly under the computer and mirror is two drawers. They are filled with school supplies and dog training supplies. There is a black office chair pushed in with the desk and there is a memory foam pillow on the seat of the chair.

On the wall with the door and directly across from the bed is a wooden entertainment center. It has a 30” television, Xbox 360, DvD player, and dirty clothes basket directly under the TV. To the right and left of the TV, from the top of the entertainment center to the bottom, is drawers. They are filled with clothes and DvD’s. On top of the entertainment center is a vase filled with dried roses and the Direct TV box that provides cable to the TV. There is also a wooden box filled with dog ashes and a white clay heart with a paw print.

To the right of the entertainment center is a door to a bathroom connected to the room. The bathroom is a small room with a sink cabinet directly to the right after walking in, a white toilet is after it, and a shower with a tub is against the wall adjacent from the door. There is a blue and brown polka dot shower curtain and a wooden toilet paper holder that says “crap shack”.


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