(1st turn in) ICW: The Toyota Keys

I received these keys when I turned sixteen. I was so excited to finally get a car that I shook with excitement. My family and I had spent three hours at the DMV earlier to get my license, so I felt I deserved this car. It was actually a surprise to me. I knew I was getting a car but I hadn’t laid my eyes on the beauty yet. The suspension was killing me.

Finally, my birthday party was here and all my friends were finally showing up to celebrate. Some brought presents and some brought cards, but all I wanted was the little box from my parents holding the keys to my new car. I hoped it was a cool car. One that would hold my friends comfortable and could go off road. I wanted to go mudding and play around in the woods. An SUV style car is what I truly wanted. I didn’t mind what color is was, as long as it wasn’t some neon and obnoxious color. That’s all I hoped.

Once my friends and family finished singing the cliché song that everyone knows, or rather the “Happy Birthday” song, I couldn’t help but shake with excitement because that time was here. Those keys will be put into my hand and I could go drives whenever I wanted or take myself wherever I needed to go. I had been saving up a lot of money from my job to afford everything needed for my car so I was ready. I was ready for the adventures and what lies ahead of me on the road.

The presents started being passed to me, one by one and grouped in either cards or presents. I started on the cards because there is typically money in those and why not start with how much cash you racked in? I surprisingly made $500, mostly in gift cards, but it was still money. I opened all the presents, and I enjoyed them, but I hadn’t received the one I wanted yet. The box is sitting in my mom’s hand and I was just waiting for her to hand it to me. She started walking my way and before I knew it, the box was in my hand and I’m ripping it apart. I found a single key. At first I was confused because it was the key to the garage. But then I realized that my car sat in the garage.

I started racing towards the garage and when I unlocked the door, I took just a few seconds to compose myself. I opened the door, opened my eyes, and looked at the most ugly car I had ever seen. It was beat up with dents all over and a dingy neon green color. Out of all the colors, dingy neon green happened to be the one on my car. It was definitely an older, 1990’s vehicle. There was a tail light missing and the front window was cracked. The seats were dirty, stained, and there were burn marks where it looked like someone put out cigarettes in it. The car reeked of smoke and homelessness that I couldn’t help but be upset.

I turned around as fast as I could and glared at my parents, who were beat red from laughter.

“You love it, hunny?” My mom asks me, choking back her laughter.

“Are you serious? It’s horrible!” I exclaim.

“We thought you’d love it.” She says as her face drops

“No are you kidding me?!”

“Well at least look in the glove box.”

I felt kinda bad for getting upset, but are you serious? I doubt this car even ran. It was so beat up and messed up. I walk around to the passenger side and grab a letter. I opened it and it says “April Fools! Here’s the keys to your new car!” I should have known, my birthday is April 1st. My family pulls things like this on me every year, but nothing to this extent.

The new key was to a brand new Nissan Extera, one just like I wanted! The car was parked out front and I hadn’t even noticed!It is a shiny white and grey colored car and has black seat covers. It even has the new car scent. It is the most beautiful car I have ever seen and it’s makes me happy to know that this car is mine. I knew they would get me what I wanted.  

Later, I found out that the car was for sale on the side of the road for parts and only cost $200. My parents sent it to the scrap yard a few days after the party and made just as much as they spend on it. I guess it worked out in the end and we will always have a funny story to tell about my sixteenth birthday and the beat up old car prank.


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