(1st turn in) About Me

I’m a special person. I know what that connotes, but I’m just different than everyone else. I enjoy law enforcement and reading. I also love my dog, Axle. I am also one of the few people that I know in High School that can drive a stick shift. There is a lot to know about me, but I can only say so much in two pages.

Regarding law enforcement, I absolutely love it. I actually want to be either a police officer or a crime scene investigator, although I haven’t yet decided. Both career paths interest me. I want to help people, and by arresting someone or processing a crime scene, I can help many people. The problem is that I can’t decide on what I want to do. I love the police side of law enforcement because I can get to patrol and be more involved in the community. I can arrest a drunk driver and protect my community from horrible people. I can also be a K9 officer and do community events. But, unfortunately, I also love the science side of law enforcement too. Processing evidence and dealing with crime scenes intrigues me. I will mostly be out of harm’s way from people targeting law enforcement, but I don’t get to patrol or participate in the community as much. I also want to do right by victims and put the people who have hurt them away and make them pay for what they have done. It’s hard for me to decide, even though I don’t need to decide right now.

I am apart of many community programs that allows me to be involved in my community. The two programs that mean the most to me is the Marana Police Explorers and the Crime Scene Investigation Club at Mountain View. The Marana Police Explorers is a program through Marana Police Department that allows young adults to explore law enforcement and experience what it is like to be in law enforcement. Through the program, we go on ride alongs and get put into scenarios that the officers that help us have been through. We get as close to real life without actually being put into harm’s way. We are also a well recognized competition team. At all competitions that we go to, we always come back with awards and make our Police Chief proud. Even explorer posts in Los Angeles, CA, know who we are. We work hard at what we do and I have never been more thankful to be apart of such an amazing program. The Crime Scene Investigation Club at MVHS is also another program that allows me to explore law enforcement, but I mostly explore the science side. We are also a competing team and we practice weekly by processing mock crime scenes. I absolutely love these programs that I am apart of.

Like I previously stated, I also love my dog Axle. He is a six year old, eighty nine pound German Shepherd who holds my heart. He is my baby and is always excited when I come home. He is also my service dog, and has helped me through many hardships that I wish no one ever has to go through. I rescued him when he was two and a half years old from an abusive owner, which is why we are so close. Him and I came together at the right time to support one another through our struggles. When I got him, he was fifty five pounds and wouldn’t eat without me coaxing him. He was struggling with medical issues that had not yet been diagnosed and didn’t trust many people. He struggled for two and a half years before he was diagnosed with severe allergies and was given a medication that helped him. His medication also helped him gain weight and before I knew it, he was almost thirty five pounds heavier. But no matter what, him and I were side by side and attached at the hip. There is nothing in this world that can replace my Axle.

As I said before, I’m a special person. There aren’t many people like me. Law enforcement is what I want to do for a career, although I haven’t yet decided on if I want to be a police officer or crime scene investigator. I love both sides of law enforcement but just can’t decide. I just want to help the community.

I am excited for what AP Language will be like now and can’t wait to see what comes.


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