(1st turn in) ICW: Dear John

Dear Vine,

I know this may seem sudden, but it’s time to talk. I think it’s time we move on. It’s just not working out anymore. I loved you, but I have fallen in love with YouTube because it fills the loneliness I feel. It’s not you, it’s me. Just kidding, it’s you. You’re dying anyways. No one loves you anymore.

We’ve been together for a few years. We’ve had many great memories and lived through some crazy memes. I will never hear “Grind on Me” by Petty Ricky without imagining some shirtless, underrage boy dry humping the ground. It’s hard to say it but, the relationship just isn’t the same anymore. The fire isn’t there now after the announcement of your shut down date. Everyone is leaving, so there isn’t anything to bring me back to you. All the funny and popular people making good videos are shifting to YouTube. You used to be so much fun but, now, looking at you reminds me that you will be leaving soon. The relationship isn’t worth it anymore.

You brought me some great laughs. People accidentally setting themselves on fire or scaring people half to death with always brightens my day. I would spend hours just watching your videos, and I will miss that. Sometimes I would fall in love with a new band just from watching people lip sync to their favorite song of that day. Yeah, you were annoying sometimes, but it was always worth it in the end to just have something there to take my mind off the world. But lately, you videos just aren’t funny and mostly consist of people saying “RIP Vine, we will always love you.” It’s become hard to come back and always be reminded of your fate.

I will always love those short, six second videos. If I get sad and lonely, I will get on YouTube and find a funny compilation to watch. There will never be someone like you for me. You helped me through the rough times and brought many laughs, but it’s time to say goodbye.    

“Thanks for the memories even if they weren’t so great.” @FallOutBoy



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