(1st turn in) ICW: Midterm Video Discussion Questions

The wall is not to stop migration, it is to stop people from illegally coming to the US. It makes them get citizenship

It’s sad that people will walk for months and be blistered and injures just to come to the US, although if they apply for citizenship, it would not be that bad.

The reinforced wall pushes people into the parts of terrain where it is hard to live so that they can’t cross the border, which is sad, but they should apply for citizenship.

Why is it okay for our government to make it so difficult to come to the US that people have to illegally and dangerously come to the US?

I hate that this is also going to taint the image of law enforcement for people. Not all LEO personnel do these things to water drops and target immigrants.

From someone who proudly supports law enforcement, it angers me that people talk about law enforcement like they do.
Yes, the US government isn’t perfect, but whose is? There is no damn country in this world that is perfect and doesn’t make any mistakes.


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