(2nd turn in) ICW: John Tierney

John Tierney identifies that AP courses are a problem because the courses “don’t hold a candle to to any college course”, you really don’t get college credits from them, students who do not do well in the course drag down everyone else in it, and the courses have too much information that doesn’t get reviewed for long. It is a problem topic because the amount of people enrolling in AP classes in growing rapidly and the mental health of students are at stake. The problem impacts high school students and mostly college students running on the idea that AP courses are setting them up. The audience of the article appears to be high school students. The article still has relevance because AP courses are still hyped classes and praised as the classes for gifted students. Tierney offers a solution of only taking a few AP courses and excelling at them. I agree with Tierney because I took AP US History and don’t remember anything that was discussed. I was to read 10 pages of my history book a night and I never remembered anything.


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