(2nd turn in) Tierney Counterargument

AP classes go more in depth and move at a faster rate and it also shows how serious and committed to your education. Tierney does acknowledge the fact that AP classes move at a faster rate, but he talks about it as if it is a bad thing.

These Are the 5 Worst Problems with College Board’s AP Program

This website talks about the bad things of AP classes, but also talks about the solutions to fix some of those bad things. It says to take the hardest classes at your school but not overload on them, match your AP courses to your goals, study for the AP exam, and focus on the positive. The downfall of many students is that students will load up on AP classes and end up creating too much work and stress for them to pass the classes and exams. Take AP classes that help you explore your interests and push you towards your goals. It’s also better to pass two exams than fail 5 exams. You don’t need to take every AP class that your school offers.


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