Welcome to my blog! This blog will consist of random AP Language and Composition writing assignments and projects. I am currently a senior at a High School I wish not to mention because this blog is public. My High School is not the best school, but I have met some great people here. I am about 4 months away from graduating and I plan on attending Grand Canyon University in Phoenix, AZ, and working towards a Bachelors of Science in Forensic Science. I haven’t decided yet, but I may also specialize in an area of Forensic Science. I personally hate Phoenix because it is a hot, concrete jungle, but I don’t have much choice. My second choice college, Arizona State University, is also in Phoenix and the campus I would be attending in only miles from main Grand Canyon University campus. I just can’t get away from the city without being so debt ridden by the end of my college career that I can’t feed myself more than Romen Noodles and cardboard.

I have decided on Forensic Science because I absolutely love Forensics. I love that you can take a crime scene and quite literally recreate how a crime took place just by how glass is cracked from bullets or where blood is spattered on the wall. It’s always a puzzle and challenge that needs to be solved and that is something that always excites me. I also love that by finding murdered or who has committed crimes can help families more than most things. It can bring closure to families who are grieving a loss or bring justice to business owners who were robbed. Doing the dirty work in crime scenes can make the biggest impressions on people and really help people out.

If you are still here reading this, sorry because I tend to ramble. I also love yoga pants and exercising but I hate cardio. I HATE IT WITH ALL MY HEART. Don’t put me down for cardio. Honestly. I also have a really pretty and large German Shepherd named Axle who is my baby and world. He is my sweet boy and has saved me from many struggles that I have had to go through. I also have severe mental issues so I tend to make morbid jokes. Don’t mind me! Please enjoy!