(2nd turn in) Tierney Counterargument

AP classes go more in depth and move at a faster rate and it also shows how serious and committed to your education. Tierney does acknowledge the fact that AP classes move at a faster rate, but he talks about it as if it is a bad thing.

These Are the 5 Worst Problems with College Board’s AP Program

This website talks about the bad things of AP classes, but also talks about the solutions to fix some of those bad things. It says to take the hardest classes at your school but not overload on them, match your AP courses to your goals, study for the AP exam, and focus on the positive. The downfall of many students is that students will load up on AP classes and end up creating too much work and stress for them to pass the classes and exams. Take AP classes that help you explore your interests and push you towards your goals. It’s also better to pass two exams than fail 5 exams. You don’t need to take every AP class that your school offers.

Writing Project #1

Today’s youth is responsible for the future and whether or not our history will continue through time. They will be the one’s to develop life saving medical practices and maybe even stop nuclear wars to come. In Toni Morrison’s commencement address to Rutgers University, on May 17th 2011, Morrison addresses issues including today’s issues with the United States government, like whether or not to leave abortion legal or debt, and shows how today’s youth can do what’s right and fix what our future is headed to. Morrison effectively discusses and argues her opinion on today’s government issues and suggests how today’s youth can fix them through the use of aphorism, pathos, tone, and structure.

Toni Morrison is a storyteller and successful author. Because of that, her commencement speech to the 2011 graduating class of Rutgers University is one to remember. Commencement speeches are given to graduating students and encourages the students to use their knowledge for the future. They reflect on the students hard work and usually has a happy and encouraging tone. Morrison encourages these students to look into the future by showing them a path to take. Morrison discusses the problems in today’s government by talking as if she is someone from the future. She talks as if she is someone from the future because these students are the future. They will be the ones to change what’s wrong. Morrison discusses these topics and speaks in this way to show these students what they need to do.

Aphorism plays a big part in this speech to bring the moral of her story to light. Aphorism is when a statement or truth is stated in a witty or concise manner. Morrison uses aphorism in paragraphs 14-20 when she acts like the person from the future. She talks in a mocking tone, making fun of the these issues that people are arguing today and while giving her opinion on them. Morrison also is talking like she is from the future because she is trying to imply that the change will happen. If people from the future are making fun of the mistakes society makes now, then those things have been dealt with. Morrison references the argument of abortion by stating “females… [are] too stupid to manage their very own bodies?” (Morrison, p19). It not only shows what she is for having abortion to be legal, but it also shows that she is adamant about the topic. It’s a dismay of justice because there shouldn’t be a law preventing people from performing a sometimes life saving procedure. Morrison also talks about how “illness incurre[s] huge personal debt” (p17). She is arguing that the fact that if you get sick, you may get a major amount of debt from medical bills. The fact that companies will withhold health benefits from their employees to “profit for their own lives” (p17) is referenced as well. Morrison is trying to get the students to realize that these issues are not being dealt with correctly and the students need to see what is going wrong. They need to start fighting for what is right because they will be the ones to fix what is happening.

Pathos also plays a part in bringing to light the topic of this speech. Pathos is used throughout the speech, but is mostly used when Morrison is talking as if she was from the future. Not only is Morrison discussing issues, but she is using pathos to make the students feel obligated to help. She references how children are put into “environments so dangerous [that] no adult would… enter them” (p18). There are not many people left in this world who would not feel upset and angered by that statement. Morrison also references homelessness of families because they can’t afford anything. The innocence of children is being jeopardized and families are in pain. Morrison knows that there aren’t many people left who wouldn’t be willing to help. By discussing this with younger generations,the things that need to be fixed will be ingrained in their brains and they will act upon them.

Chronological structure is used in this speech to tell a story and offer a solution. Morrison tells the story of a person from the future looking back at history to try to get the students to realize that they will be the future. They will be the ones to shape our destiny and fix what is going wrong. It gives them insight that hey are the ones that need to do what is right. These students have all of their lives to make a difference, so why not do something?

The tone of this speech is almost persuasive and passionate. Although Morrison is not speaking as herself, it is obvious that she is adamant and passionate about the opinions on these issues. From statements such as “huge personal debt” (p17)and “whole families lives in tunnels” (p20) shows how she is passionate about the issues. Morrison does not just say that personal debt is being dealt with, but that the debt is large and hard to deal with. She does not just say that people are homeless, but that whole families are homeless and struggling at the hands of their government. Families are forced to pay for medical insurance when most can’t afford it, which takes more money away from that family. People don’t exaggerate to that extent if they aren’t passionate about the issue. These issues are serious problems because many people are affected by them. It more reinforces the fact that change needs to be made, thus being persuasive in trying to get the students to act on these issues.

By addressing issues with the United States government and showing how today’s youth can change the path of the future, Toni Morrison shows how today’s youth and students can bring about change. Change for the better that can not only benefit our lives right now, but for people down the road as well. Morrison uses aphorism and a chronological structure to give her opinions without being direct and uses pathos to make the students feel more obligated to help. Morrison’s persuasive and passionate tone also is used to make students feel more obligated to help. Morrison is trying to show these students that they will be the ones to do what is right and they need to start acting now.

Writing Project #2

Finding and Keeping a Significant Other: The Basics to Love and Marriage

Are you having problems finding a significant other? Are you struggling to find someone to share your life with forever? You don’t have to struggle anymore if you follow these simple steps.

Marriage is special. It brings people together with another person that they love and creates a special bond to share for the rest of their lives. There is always something special between married couples. Follow these steps, and you can create new memories and bonds with someone special to you.

Always remember that even if you have failed relationships or bad dates, you can still find someone else to spend the rest of your life with. You will find someone who appreciates your quirks and what makes you different. Don’t get discouraged! No one is meant to be alone forever.

There are many tricks to finding a significant other, but the basics still stand as the easiest and best way to get the attention of people. People look at social media to judge the personality of someone they’re interested in so why not make a good first impression? There are many tutorials online to help people new to social media figure out how to use it. Social media is also one of the easiest ways to get ahold of people. There aren’t many people left in this world who are not online, so it may be easier to talk to people through social media.

To find a significant other, keep in mind that significant others typically don’t hide from you. They may be your office assistant or the coffee barista at the local coffee shop. Just walk up and don’t be afraid. Be romantic and invite them to a nice and relaxing dinner date. Maybe invite them over to your house for a movie night. Don’t be forceful about a date, though. Start up a conversation and build up to asking them out for a date. Forcing the question onto the person will make them uncomfortable, so try to work the question into the conversation. Say something along the lines of “you seem like a fun person, would you like to go out sometime?”. It will let them know you are interested, but you aren’t obsessed. Also, first impressions can make or break relationships. First impressions sometimes stay with people, so if it isn’t a good first impression, the relationship may not last.

If you have had experience with finding significant others, try something new to find people. Sometimes using the same tricks can hurt you in the long run. You don’t want to do the same things because it may be something that has ruined relationships. You don’t want to revert to the same things other relationships did because they didn’t work out. It’s sometimes hard to know what went wrong so you want to be careful with the things you do again.

Once you find someone, you don’t want to scare them away. Like previously stated, don’t force yourself into their life or overcrowd them. They may not want a fast moving relationship or a relationship at all. You will want to slowly bring the idea of dating up if they don’t want to have a relationship. Some people are scared of the idea of dating, but once you take them out on a few dates without actually calling them dates, they may realize they want to be with you.

The most important part of finding a partner is knowing how to keep them. So you’ve found your perfect match, now how are you going to keep them? Very good question, and the answer is very simple: keep doing the same things that you were doing when trying to catch them, and you’ll always have them. Always let them know how important you are to them, and make sure that everything you’re doing is considerate towards them. They are an important part of your life now, and any decision you make should be a joint one between the two of you. If every decision is made as a couple, with consideration towards BOTH parties, with the policy of “give and take”, then you should be able to create a relationship that will last forever, or at least as long as you wish the relationship to last.

Good luck with your search for your happily ever after!

(2nd turn in) ICW: John Tierney

John Tierney identifies that AP courses are a problem because the courses “don’t hold a candle to to any college course”, you really don’t get college credits from them, students who do not do well in the course drag down everyone else in it, and the courses have too much information that doesn’t get reviewed for long. It is a problem topic because the amount of people enrolling in AP classes in growing rapidly and the mental health of students are at stake. The problem impacts high school students and mostly college students running on the idea that AP courses are setting them up. The audience of the article appears to be high school students. The article still has relevance because AP courses are still hyped classes and praised as the classes for gifted students. Tierney offers a solution of only taking a few AP courses and excelling at them. I agree with Tierney because I took AP US History and don’t remember anything that was discussed. I was to read 10 pages of my history book a night and I never remembered anything.

(1st turn in) ICW: Midterm Video Discussion Questions

The wall is not to stop migration, it is to stop people from illegally coming to the US. It makes them get citizenship

It’s sad that people will walk for months and be blistered and injures just to come to the US, although if they apply for citizenship, it would not be that bad.

The reinforced wall pushes people into the parts of terrain where it is hard to live so that they can’t cross the border, which is sad, but they should apply for citizenship.

Why is it okay for our government to make it so difficult to come to the US that people have to illegally and dangerously come to the US?

I hate that this is also going to taint the image of law enforcement for people. Not all LEO personnel do these things to water drops and target immigrants.

From someone who proudly supports law enforcement, it angers me that people talk about law enforcement like they do.
Yes, the US government isn’t perfect, but whose is? There is no damn country in this world that is perfect and doesn’t make any mistakes.

(1st turn in) About Me

I’m a special person. I know what that connotes, but I’m just different than everyone else. I enjoy law enforcement and reading. I also love my dog, Axle. I am also one of the few people that I know in High School that can drive a stick shift. There is a lot to know about me, but I can only say so much in two pages.

Regarding law enforcement, I absolutely love it. I actually want to be either a police officer or a crime scene investigator, although I haven’t yet decided. Both career paths interest me. I want to help people, and by arresting someone or processing a crime scene, I can help many people. The problem is that I can’t decide on what I want to do. I love the police side of law enforcement because I can get to patrol and be more involved in the community. I can arrest a drunk driver and protect my community from horrible people. I can also be a K9 officer and do community events. But, unfortunately, I also love the science side of law enforcement too. Processing evidence and dealing with crime scenes intrigues me. I will mostly be out of harm’s way from people targeting law enforcement, but I don’t get to patrol or participate in the community as much. I also want to do right by victims and put the people who have hurt them away and make them pay for what they have done. It’s hard for me to decide, even though I don’t need to decide right now.

I am apart of many community programs that allows me to be involved in my community. The two programs that mean the most to me is the Marana Police Explorers and the Crime Scene Investigation Club at Mountain View. The Marana Police Explorers is a program through Marana Police Department that allows young adults to explore law enforcement and experience what it is like to be in law enforcement. Through the program, we go on ride alongs and get put into scenarios that the officers that help us have been through. We get as close to real life without actually being put into harm’s way. We are also a well recognized competition team. At all competitions that we go to, we always come back with awards and make our Police Chief proud. Even explorer posts in Los Angeles, CA, know who we are. We work hard at what we do and I have never been more thankful to be apart of such an amazing program. The Crime Scene Investigation Club at MVHS is also another program that allows me to explore law enforcement, but I mostly explore the science side. We are also a competing team and we practice weekly by processing mock crime scenes. I absolutely love these programs that I am apart of.

Like I previously stated, I also love my dog Axle. He is a six year old, eighty nine pound German Shepherd who holds my heart. He is my baby and is always excited when I come home. He is also my service dog, and has helped me through many hardships that I wish no one ever has to go through. I rescued him when he was two and a half years old from an abusive owner, which is why we are so close. Him and I came together at the right time to support one another through our struggles. When I got him, he was fifty five pounds and wouldn’t eat without me coaxing him. He was struggling with medical issues that had not yet been diagnosed and didn’t trust many people. He struggled for two and a half years before he was diagnosed with severe allergies and was given a medication that helped him. His medication also helped him gain weight and before I knew it, he was almost thirty five pounds heavier. But no matter what, him and I were side by side and attached at the hip. There is nothing in this world that can replace my Axle.

As I said before, I’m a special person. There aren’t many people like me. Law enforcement is what I want to do for a career, although I haven’t yet decided on if I want to be a police officer or crime scene investigator. I love both sides of law enforcement but just can’t decide. I just want to help the community.

I am excited for what AP Language will be like now and can’t wait to see what comes.